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Piracy, Netflix and Tesla motors in Girt by CNET podcast 10

New piracy laws get mooted by Turnbull, Netflix talks a little more about its Aussie offering while Presto expands to include TV shows and Tesla motors take to the road.

Piracy is pretty common topic of conversation in Australia, but this week saw some rather significant developments. Communications minister Malcolm Turnbull told ISPs and rights holders that they've got until April 8 next year to come up with some regulation or the Government will. Either way, Turnbull did note that Australia will peruse a policy of blocking sites that facilitate piracy -- such as the Pirate Bay.

The argument has always been that piracy can be curbed by making content affordable and available in a timely fashion. That could be what Netflix manages to do, but Presto also announced its intention to kick off Presto Entertainment -- a new product that will stream TV alongside film content from Presto Movies.

Finally, Tesla motors is officially open and -- more importantly -- they have a plan to get a network of super-chargers around Australia. This could be the kick that electric cars have needed in Australia.

Girt by CNET podcast 10

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