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Pinnacle Micro priced to move

Pinnacle Micro ships its latest optical storage system, its main feature being a lower price.

Pinnacle Micro has started shipping its latest-generation optical storage system: the main feature is a new lower price.

The internal version of the Tahoe 640 3.5-inch 640MB removable cartridge drive was priced at $799, but is now $699 in a PC-compatible configuration. The company will offer the PC- and Macintosh-compatible external version for $799.

The utility allows users to store up to 2GB of compressed data using a patent-pending technology and permits concurrent reads and writes. The Tahoe 640 sports a maximum data transfer rate of 3.3 MB/sec and an average seek time of 28 milliseconds, according to the company. Pinnacle Micro will now also include its Disk Archive for Windows 95 and Windows NT with the drive for free.