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Pimp my office building...with tubes

Art exhibit in London gallery would be great for offices.

In a couple of years, when I've taken over the world, I'm going to build myself an office building. And it's going to have one of these built into it: a giant metal tube-shaped slide for easy access from the upper stories to the ground floor, like these ones found at the Tate Modern Art Gallery in London. Think about it. It'll save energy, because fewer people will be using the elevator. And it's just plain awesome. In fact, I think I'll install four or five of them, so that it's extra easy to get from one floor to the next.

(Don't ask me how I plan to solve the "But how do you get upstairs?" problem. By the time I've taken over the world, I'll have people to come up with answers to such petty questions for me.)

Plus, they're profound. Consider them an homage not only to childhood memories of Chuck-E-Cheese and water parks (and hamster cages), but also to Senator Ted Stevens' apt characterization of the Internet as a "series of tubes."

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