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Photos: Digital-age dinosaurs

Creatures that roamed North America millions of years ago come back to life, thanks to Japanese robotics.

    Digital-age dinosaurs

    Two dinosaur robots take a stroll in Tokyo on Friday. Parasaurolophus (front) is 5.3 feet tall, 11.5 feet long and 187 pounds, and Tyrannosaurus has about the same dimensions. Japanese scientists developed the bots to greet visitors at the six-month World Exposition, which will kick off March 25 in central Japan.

    Credit: Toru Yamanaka/AFP/Getty Images

    Dinosaur robots

    New-age dinosaurs

    The Japanese robots aren't the only 3D dinosaurs roaming the world these days. At right, Butch, a mechanical protoceratops designed and built by MIT research scientist Pete Dilworth, takes its first steps.

    Credit: MIT