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Philips' sexy Bluetooth Wireless Entertainment System with iPod dock and CD player makes an entrance

Philips has a new Bluetooth Wireless Entertainment System that also has an integrated iPod dock and CD player.

All in wonder: Bluetooth, CD player, and iPod dock. Philips

Philips' Bluetooth Wireless Entertainment System, the BTM630, may not be among the "future" products Philips announced at CES, but it's making its official debut at the show, so we're going to write it up.

Along with Bluetooth connectivity for streaming music from Bluetooth-equipped cell phones and PCs, the BTM630 features an iPod dock, a slim-slot CD loading system, a USB port, and the ability to playback MP3 or WMA music from a SD or MMC card. With a built-in mic, the system also doubles as speakerphone for cell phone calls (you can switch between calls and music). Lastly, the spec sheet says the BTM630 offers "one-touch MP3 digital recording in 2x speed without the need for a PC." Sweet.

Philips says the BTM630 is currently available and carries a MSRP of $199.99.