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Philips plunks down two new MP3 players in E.U.

Philips announces two new GoGear MP3 players for the European market, named Opus and Ariaz.

Photo of the Philips GoGear Ariaz
The Philips GoGear Ariaz in all it's dull, inoffensive glory. Philips

I thought Philips had finally turned a page last December, when its started giving its MP3 players actual names (not just model numbers) and broke away from its tired black MP3 player designs. Unfortunately, mediocrity has reared it's bland, shapeless head again, as Philips announced two new additions to its GoGear MP3 player line-up destined for Europe in April (no word on whether the U.S. will be so blessed).

The GoGear Ariaz (shown here) is the more unique of the two MP3 players and includes touch-sensitive buttons, a rocker switch for scrolling through menus, a 2-inch screen, FM radio, FullSound audio enhancement, and MPEG-4 video support. The Ariaz will be offered in 4GB, 8GB, and 16GB capacities priced at 79 euros, 99 euros, and 129 euros.

Philips is also rolling out the GoGear Opus, which, aside from its 32GB capacity ceiling and smaller screen, just looks like a more fully-baked version of 2008's SA6185. The Opus comes in 8GB, 16GB, and 32GB capacities, priced at 99 euros, 147 euros and 179 euros.

(Via Pocket Lint)