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Philips' next generation of Ambilight TVs

Will it be horribly distracting?

Crave UK

There have been some rumblings recently about the next generation of Ambilight televisions from Philips. A number of leaks have now provided model numbers and a few details about the new televisions.

From what we can gather, the new Ambilight technology will no longer just rely on reflecting colour on to a wall--instead, the light will be projected behind the screen as well as shine through the bezel of the TV. The question that we immediately have is: Will that be horribly distracting?

Early details indicate that one of the screens will be a 42-inch LCD, with full 1080p support, which is exciting on its own, even without the pretty lights. There will also be the traditional 100Hz support that we've come to expect from Philips.

Philips has a particularly frustrating Web site that enigmatically announces that we are--as of today--13 days away from something happening. It would be fair to assume that this is a reference to the European technology trade fair, IFA, where this TV is to be officially launched. We've tried to probe Philips for more information but it's keeping schtum for now. Rest assured, as soon as the launch happens, we'll bring you more details and photos of it in action.

If you fancy a quick sneak peek, there is a video on YouTube that appears to be the first glimpse of the screens in action. Plus it has some dancing silhouette girls, which is a nice bonus.

(Source: Crave UK)