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Penguins are soooo played out

Moving right along...


There's another blogger here on Crave who is trying to convince all our readers that I am unhealthily obsessed with penguins. Not true. Yes, I think they're cute. Yes, I think the occasional penguin gadget is kind of cool. But come on, Mike. First, it's not an obsession. And second, the market has become so saturated with the penguin motif that I'm ready to say: I'm over it.

I mean, check out this penguin humidifier that's available in Japan. Way overkill, even though it would probably be easy to mod into a nice device for inhaling those controlled substances that you use for strictly medicinal purposes. Penguins are totally played out now. Let's move on to a new variety of cute animal gadget, shall we? Bunnies? Kittens? Prehistoric sharks? We've already seen plenty of squids.