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PC Expo: On the go

Mobile devices, especially handhelds and laptop computers, steal the trade show away from PCs.


Portables, handhelds take center stage at confab

By CNET Staff
June 28, 2001, 1:45 p.m. PT

There won't be much PC in PC Expo this year, as portable computers and handhelds take over the convention floor. Palm will be a big presence, despite its own financial struggles. And keep an eye out for new laptops from Compaq Computer, Hewlett-Packard and Toshiba, plus new mobile chips from Intel and Transmeta.

Compaq to pump up iPaq add-ons
The company hopes to increase people's reliance on its handhelds by dramatically boosting the selection of add-on modules.

Intel makes strides with Tualatin chips
The company moves forward in two major areas of the chipmaking process with "Tualatin," the new Pentium III processor the company showed off Wednesday.

Intel: Faster Pentium 4 ready next week
During a speech, Intel Executive Vice President Michael Splinter says the company has set a launch date of next week for the 1.6GHz and 1.8GHz versions of its Pentium 4 chip.

Compaq preps back-to-school PCs
Compaq Computer announces three new models of Presario desktops, starting around $550. Additionally, the PC maker will ship several new notebooks in July.

Palm gives a hand to business
CEO Carl Yankowski announces new deals with PricewaterhouseCoopers and Extended Systems as part of the company's attempt to attract more corporate customers.

PC sales or no, Intel, AMD flaunt chips
With the midpoint of the year upon them, the PC chipmakers Intel and Advanced Micro Devices fill out their product lines and hope for the best in the second half.

Gadgets galore: Latest product news
Check here for the latest news from makers of handheld computers, wireless equipment and other high-tech gadgets at PC Expo.

PC Expo: Business gets personal
products Find out what's exciting in hardware, software and gadgets in this complete guide to the tech trade show from

Sony's got two of a kind
The introduction of two new Clie devices is a clear sign that Sony is joining a price war led by Palm and Handspring, analysts say.

Mobile products upstage PCs
preview As if anyone needed further evidence that the PC industry is on the skids, consider that it can't even command its own trade show anymore.

HP moves toward home entertainment
A new device marks another step by the company into the home entertainment market and comes at a difficult time for personal computers.

Handspring offers rebate on newest device
In another sign that the PC price war has hit handhelds, Handspring is introducing a new rebate program for its Visor Edge.


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Enabling handhelds with Bluetooth
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Palm CEO courts corporate customers
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Floor report from PC Expo
Hari Sreenivasan, correspondent, CNET