Panasonic rebounds in plasma

Tech Culture

Who rules the shelves when it comes to plasma TVs in the U.S? Panasonic. The Japanese electronics giant which is in the midst of a three-year re-invention took back the top spot in June by commanding 22.7 percent of shelf share in the U.S., according to Current Analysis. Sony had the crown in May.

New retail models for Panasonic resulted in an increase to 22 product placements in June (compared to 16 in May). Samsung also surged ahead of Sony in plasma TV placements in June, moving up to second place with a shelf share of 17.3 percent. Shelf share often translates to increased sales.

Although some analysts have long predicted the death of plasma TVs, the thin panels and gargantuan screen sizes of these TVs are still popular with customers. So those who were thinking of investing in a plasma set to tune into Dancing with the Stars (or the simmering online controversy) need not worry about the technology fading away just yet.

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