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OtterBox delivers new Palm Pre case

The company's Tandem series is designed to protect slider phones.

OtterBox's Palm Pre case is actually two cases in one. OtterBox

If you're a Palm Pre owner looking for some serious protection for your smartphone, you're in luck: OtterBox has announced its Tandem Series, a new case line designed for slider phones with the first model offering "flagship protection" for the Pre.

Building a case for a slider like the Pre is tricky. According to OtterBox, the Tandem Series provides two custom fit polycarbonate shells with overmolding and an adhesive screen to shield against scratches.

"Overmolding is an injection molding process that combines two materials into one interconnected component," says Curt Richardson, OtterBox's CEO. "The Tandem Series is created by molding polycarbonate and silicone together."

If you wondering how it all comes together, it goes something like this, according to OtterBox:

  • The first shell attaches to the front of the smartphone and the second shell attaches to the back.
  • Silicone around the outside edges of the case offers protection against bumps and the polycarbonate shells offer stability to withstand light impact.
  • Once the case is assembled, it allows for complete functionality, even when sliding the display screen up and down.
Pretty nifty, right?

The Palm Pre Tandem case is due out later this year. Pricing has yet to be announced.

The case from the back. OtterBox