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Tech Industry

Oracle's day in court

One year after attempting to acquire PeopleSoft, the database giant goes to court to defend the hostile bid.

In a four-week federal trial starting Monday, Oracle will try to derail the Justice Department's challenge to its hostile bid for PeopleSoft. Observers are already handicapping the trial, even as the merger offer may have handicapped both companies.

Takeover attempt takes its toll

A year and counting: Oracle's bid has left both companies the worse for the wear, analysts say. And the end may not be in sight.
June 3, 2004

Start marking your Oracle-DOJ score card

The judge's line of questioning will be a key indicator of his thinking on whether to overrule the federal challenge to Oracle's effort.
June 3, 2004

Attorneys sketch schedule for Oracle trial

Industry observers following the year-long acquisition saga can get close to the action starting next week.
June 3, 2004

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