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Tech Industry

Oracle: You've got my mail

Oracle swears in an affidavit that it turned over to a Delaware court all of CEO Larry Ellison's relevant e-mail related to its lawsuit against PeopleSoft. Oracle is suing PeopleSoft for using certain tactics to block Oracle's bid to acquire the company. The company filed the affidavit Thursday after PeopleSoft alleged the previous day that Oracle had withheld some of Ellison's e-mail that pertains to the case. The court had ordered Oracle to produce the e-mails within 24 hours or to certify that the company had already complied with the earlier order.

Oracle has similarly accused PeopleSoft of withholding about 2,000 e-mails sent to or received by its chief executive, Craig Conway, that relate to the case. The court also ordered PeopleSoft, which claims that the documents are protected under attorney-client privilege, to provide an affidavit to Oracle that justifies its actions. Oracle received no affidavit from PeopleSoft on Thursday, an Oracle representative said. A PeopleSoft representative declined to comment.