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Tech Industry

Oracle buys maker of 3D retail software

The company said it will acquire Advanced Visual Technology, which makes space planning software for retailers.

Oracle is adding to its retail software lineup by acquiring Advanced Visual Technology, a maker of 3D space planning software for retailers.

AVT, based in Hertfordshire, England, sells a product called Retail Focus, which lets retailers plan store floors and shelf space. An add-on product, called Retail Focus Merchandiser, gives retail planners a three-dimensional view of retail space that they can "walk" through virtually.

AVT's Retail Focus Merchandiser lets store planners walk through virtual store space. AVT

No terms were disclosed. Oracle said the transaction is expected to close in the second half of 2008.

Oracle plans to add AVT's employees and management to its Retail Global business unit. AVT's products will be combined with Oracle Retail's application suite. The company said it expects the combination will help retailers to increase their profits through better space allocation and monitoring of sales.