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Oracle automates admin tools

The company will unveil three new tools designed to simplify database monitoring, diagnostics, tuning, and updating.

Citing the growing need within big companies to maintain increasingly complex systems, Oracle (ORCL) tomorrow will unveil a set of three new tools for automating database and systems management.

The tool packs, to be sold as optional components to Oracle's database server software, are intended to simplify database monitoring, diagnostics, tuning, and updating. The new tools also are equipped with reports and step-by-step instructions designed to teach administrators in the process, said Mark Jarvis, vice president of system products marketing at Oracle.

The three packs are as follows:

  • Oracle Diagnostic Pack: Includes tools for monitoring and diagnosing Oracle's database server, as well as operating systems and the applications that run against them. The tools store real-time and historical information, along with capacity planning tools. "So users can plot trends into the future for knowing when to buy bigger hard disks, or when they'll run out of I/Os on disk arrays," said Jarvis.

  • Oracle Tuning Pack: Jarvis said this pack automates some of the performance-increasing tasks normally handled by highly skilled consultants. The tool learns about systems and advises on where to automatically tune for optimal performance.

  • Oracle Change Management Pack: A large proportion of administrators' time is spent updating databases and applications, said Jarvis. The task is also prone to human error and data loss. This tool is intended to eliminate human error and data loss by automating change management.

    All three tools run on Windows-based PCs and work with Oracle's existing Enterprise Manager console, which is included with every copy of the Oracle database.

    The tools are available now. Pricing is based on system size. Jarvis would not provide starting prices.