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Open-source document-management server released

ObjectWeb consortium and eXo Platform release an open-source document-management server based on Java portal standards.

The ObjectWeb consortium and eXo Platform released on Monday an open-source document management server based on Java portal standards. The eXo Content Management software, available under the General Public License (GPL), is designed to store and manage documents and present them through Java-based portal software. eXo Platform also released a set of programs to allow end users to post and manage documents in a Web portal.

The portal and document management servers are bundled with ObjectWeb's Jonas Java application server and also run with other standards-based Java application servers. The business model for eXo Platform, which is a member of the ObjectWeb consortium, is to charge commercial customers support services and sign distribution agreements with application software companies. Competing products include Alresco's open-source content management software and proprietary products from companies such as FileNet, Interwoven and Day Software, said Benjamin Mestrallet, CEO of eXo Platform.