On indexing Flash content, Microsoft silent

Google and Yahoo say their search engines will start to index Flash content. Microsoft is staying mum on whether or when it might add such support to Live search.

Adobe Systems announced on Monday that it was taking steps to make Flash content on the Web more easily indexed by search engines. It touted deals with both Yahoo and Google, the top two search engines. Curiously absent was any statement about whether Microsoft would do likewise with its Live Search.

I was hoping that Microsoft might clear up the matter, but its response was "no comment." (It said it's possible that it'll have more to say, and I will post more when and if that comes.)

It's unclear whether there is a stumbling block and whether it might be Adobe that is uninterested in Microsoft or the other way around. Clearly, there is no love lost between the two around Flash--Microsoft is trying to take Flash head-on with its Silverlight technology, which was designed to be searchable.

That said, I can't imagine that Microsoft would want to have any more reasons out there for people not to use its search technology.

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