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Off-topic: Burnley 0 Arsenal 2 - King Eduardo


Eduardo has arrived. If anyone had doubts as to whether or not Arsene Wenger, Arsenal's manager, is the smartest football manager on the planet, one look at Eduardo should convince. Eduardo is quickly establishing himself as the most clinical finisher in the game. Nothing seems to rattle him when he takes a ball (as he did today off Toure's chipped pass) and calmly waits for the opportunity to punch it into the net. Sevilla. West Ham. Burnley. Different games, same touch. He is magic.

Traore, however, is not. It appeared that he was desperately trying to give Championship-side Burnley a path to win the match. Shoddy, shoddy defending with a safety last attitude that Wenger will hopefully be able to drill out of him. Traore's dithering with the ball in front of his goal was inexcusable - he was lucky that Burnley's McCann couldn't make a goal to save his life.

All in all, a relatively comfortable affair for the Gunners, but it really should have been a higher score for the Gunners. Having said that, Burnley had a few good chances, too, and not scoring was probably not fair to their effort. Now time to move forward in the Carling Cup and the Premiership.

Speaking of which, the Premiership performed really poorly this weekend in the FA Cup. Several teams went down. Blackburn got spanked by Coventry. Bolton, Everton, and Sunderland also lost, while Chelsea was gifted a win it didn't deserve and Tottenham, Fulham, Reading, West Ham, and Manchester City could only manage draws. Perhaps there's not enough fire the Premiership's belly?