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Off-topic: Arsenal 5, Derby County 0

This is the best Arsenal team in many years.

It just keeps going, and going, and going. This Arsenal side look fantastic. Adebayor, about whom I still have some doubts, netted three while Fabregas (best player on the planet, in my opinion) kept his momentum with a lightning strike that hit the back of the net.

The one worry I had was Walcott. He seemed too quick for his feet/brain. He had a terrible game which belies his potential. He needs to be a bit more calm on the ball, picking his passes and shots with a tad more deliberations. He'll grow, but he needs to hurry up (more game time would help).

The rest were brilliant as usual. Even Flamini has played well, giving me second thoughts as to whether he should have been pushed out (which is what I felt all last season). If you have never watched football (soccer), give Arsenal a game or two to convince you. It's the best football on the planet right now.

This is especially important against weak sides like Derby County, which were the games where Arsenal fell apart last season. Oh, and I just saw that Liverpool couldn't be bothered to score against Birmingham. The team that started so well is now crapping out. With ManUnited and Chelsea playing tomorrow, Arsenal's lead at the top of the table will only increase.