O Canada

Why Canada figures as a popular outsourcing destination for American jobs.

New York Times: Like many software outsourcing companies, Keane often sends work to its employees in India. But at the same time, Keane, which is based in Boston, is expanding its base of software developers in its original, and much closer, outsourcing location: Canada.

Interesting take on our northern neighbor's quiet emergence as a popular destination for outsourced U.S. jobs -- especially for call centers. I was particularly struck by the quote from Keane's managing director for Canada saying American customers have fewer qualms about moving jobs because "they tend to view Canada as the next state."

If you want to set a Canadian off, just tell him "Dude, you're just like us." They are not, of course. But the Keane exec did hit upon a widely shared assumption among many folks that a Canadian answering the phone call is not a foreigner.

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