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Nyko Wand + beats Nintendo to the punch

The Nyko Wand + incorporates MotionPlus and Transport technology into one

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LAS VEGAS--Last year we saw the introduction of the Nyko Wand, which allowed for button commands to be sent through the controller's Transport technology. Though promising, we found the Nyko Wand useful only when using it with the company's Action Pak system.

While we had been anticipating that Nintendo would eventually come up with a device that incorporates Wii MotionPlus technology into one single controller, Nyko has beaten Nintendo to the punch with the Wand +.

This is most significant because it eliminates the clunky setup that using the Nintendo-branded products require. The Wand + severely reduces the controller's overall size and should provide for an more comfortable total gaming experience.


We hope Nyko introduces a few more useful accessories for the Transport technology in 2010. The Nyko Wand + will go on sale in March for $40.