Numark's iDJ Pro for AirPlay-lovin' disc jockeys

Numark's latest DJ controller for the iPad brings Airplay support and puts the tablet front and center.

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Lay down some beats for your next party with Numark's latest iOS device-compatible turntable.

Numark touts its iDJ Pro as a professional DJ controller that lets you dock your iPad with the standard 30-pin Apple dock connector. Like the company's previous iDJ products, which allowed mix masters to dock various Apple portables such as the iPod Classic and iPod Touch, the iDJ Pro has a typical dual-turntable layout with various sound-altering buttons, levels, and knobs scattered around the device.

One key feature of this new DJ controller is its AirPlay support, which really makes use of the iPad's Wi-Fi connectivity to show off your awesome digital beats through compatible speakers. The device is also among the first to place the iPad front and center, allowing users to configure the tablet with additional controls that should come in handy during live performances. Most prior models have the iPad mounted at an angle at the back of the controller.

The company hasn't announced a price or availability for the iDJ Pro yet, but you can check out Numark's official product page for more information.

(Source: Crave Asia via AirPlay

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