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Not-so-new Acer display gets an upgrade

Acer and DisplayLink announce that the P224 will now be available with DisplayLink technology all up in it.


The Acer P224 has been around for a few months, but now the 22-inch display is getting an upgrade.

DisplayLink and Acer announced at CES that the monitor will now be available with a USB hub that not only includes a Dolby speaker system for built-in sound, but DisplayLink technology as well.

DisplayLink technology allows users to connect multiple monitors to a single system solely with USB. DisplayLink also announced that it is extending its support to Acer's B series of monitors, which are more tailored for office use.

As for specs, the 22-inch monitor features a contrast ratio of 10,000:1, a native resolution of 1680x1050, and a pixel response time of 5ms, according to Acer. I'd be interested in finding out how Acer came up with that contrast ratio spec. I have my suspicions, but until I can get it in to test those my suspicions are only speculation. I will look forward to actually testing the monitor in a couple of weeks.