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Nobis debuts adjustable tech for fitted hats

Nobis debuts Caps_Lock adjustable hat technology.

Adjust your hat with the Caps_Lock. Nobis

If you've ever worn a fitted hat, you know that they tend to shrink from your brow sweat after awhile, but who wants to wear a snap-backed cap or, even worse, a hat with one of those awful velcro straps? Nobody, but you still gotta maintain a good fit, and Nobis has your back with a Caps_Lock design that allows the wearer to adjust the size with a simple turn.

The real technology is in the built-in strap that comes with each hat. You can tighten or loosen your fit by adjusting the small dial on the side. Of course, you can only make minor adjustments, but it's perfect for windy days when you don't want your lid flying off into traffic.

Only a select number of Nobis' hats (with clever names like Al Kaholic and Mack Aroni) come equipped with its Caps_Lock technology, so check out the Nobis Web site before you buy.

(Via Wired Gadget Lab)