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Nintendo finally puts to rest the Toad hat vs. head debate

A producer for Super Mario Odyssey answers this and other burning Nintendo questions like: How can Mario have nipples but no belly button?

There are some things in life that are just a mystery. For example, is there an afterlife? How were the great pyramids in Egypt built? What was that kid doing on his phone while Justin Timberlake sang next to him at the Super Bowl? And, of course, does the character Toad from Super Mario Odyssey wear a hat, or is that just his head?

Super Mario Odyssey is one of the reasons the Nintendo Switch is a hit. The quirky characters and worlds have made it an instant classic, but that doesn't mean the game is not without its controversies. One of the more interesting debates has been over the character Toad's head -- or is it a hat?

On Monday, Nintendo published a video that put to rest the debate over Toad's noggin and other burning Super Mario Odyssey questions like:

  • Why does Mario have nipples but no belly button?
  • Can you describe Mario's relationship with Peach and Pauline?
  • What is your high score in the volleyball part?
  • Are there things you designed into the game that fans haven't found yet?

The video features Yoshiaki Koizumi a producer on Super Mario Odyssey answering questions while wearing Cappy and a Super Mario Red blazer. As far as the mystery over Toad's noodle, turns out that is indeed his head.

"I'm going to leave to all of you to figure out how it works," said Koizumi. "Maybe there's something inside."

So are you Team Head or Team Hat? Let us know.


A burning modern mystery is finally settled: Is Toad from Super Mario wearing a hat or is that just his head?