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Nikon confirms new digital SLRs on the way

With rumors swirling that the company was readying new digital SLR models, Nikon decided to announce that such products are indeed on the way.

The company's British affiliate said on its Web site on Friday that it is "pleased to confirm the launch of two new digital SLR cameras to be launched towards the end of April 2005."

The company said both are aimed at entry-level SLR consumers. One model will be the successor to the Nikon D70, while the other is "specifically designed for consumers looking to upgrade from a digital compact to the next level of digital photography." The company didn't talk price or features but pledged the new low-end model will "be affordable and easy to use, perfect for the D-SLR beginner. "

While most consumer digital cameras are of the point and shoot variety, so called Single Lens Reflex (SLR) models that once cost thousands of dollars are moving quickly into the hobbyist price realms. Nikon's move follows Canon, which recently introduced an updated version of its Digital Rebel.