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NFL quarterback gets stuck in restroom. Twitter loses its, um, mind

Technically Incorrect: New Philadelphia Eagles QB Carson Wentz tweets that only God, garden shears and a kick got him out. Which leads to a long, long Twitter stream.

Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives.

Eagles QB Carson Wentz trains for his next visit to a gas-station restroom. Apparently he'll bringing his own towel too -- always a good idea.

Eagles QB Carson Wentz trains for his next visit to a gas-station restroom. Apparently he'll be bringing his own hand towel too -- always a good idea.

Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Twitter is a place where you can post that you've been to the toilet, and thousands of people will tell you they like that.

I can prove it.

On Wednesday, newly drafted Philadelphia Eagles Quarterback Carson Wentz took to Twitter to make an important announcement.

"Just got locked in a bathroom at a NJ gas station," he wrote. "Praise the Lord for the attendants w/the garden shears & the other guy w/the leg kick."

New Jersey gas stations are strange places. They won't let you pump your own gas. Perhaps they don't allow you to let yourself out of a restroom either.

No matter, Wentz's plight was heard around Twitter. More than 4,500 people retweeted his fine tweet. More than 7,500 liked it.

And there there were the replies.

"It's rumored that two men in @Giants apparel were seen waddling away from the scene," said Eric Martin.

But Deadspin writer Patrick Redford had the most important question. It involved engineering.

"How exactly do the garden shears work here?" he tweeted.

As one interlocutor pointed out: "I was wondering the same thing. Restroom seems a bit of a vulnerable place for garden shears. Jus sayin."

I contacted the Eagles for enlightenment. The team didn't immediately respond.

Some might wonder how anyone knew Wentz was stuck in the restroom. Did he shout or scream?

Which leads me to the core of this: Why didn't Wentz tweet while he was stuck?

Surely, thousands of Twitterers would immediately have come to his aid, armed with something more powerful than garden shears.