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NextWorth wants more than old iPods now

Trade-in service NextWorth now accepts used BlackBerrys, digital cameras, GPS systems, video games, and video game consoles in exchange for cash or gift cards at Target and Amazon.

I lost interest in eBaying my old tech when all the PowerSellers moved in making it more difficult to unload an unwanted or unneeded gadget. That's why trade-in sites make sense; I'm willing to take a little less cash than deal with setting up an ad, answering crazy buyer questions, and then packaging things up and getting them shipped.

One such site, NextWorth, started off only doing iPods and iPhones, but as promised late in 2008, the company has expanded its trade-in opportunities to include BlackBerrys, digital cameras, GPS units, video games, and video game consoles.

Getting a quote on the value of your goods is as simple as searching for your product and answering some check-box questions about the condition of the device and the whereabouts of its accessories and paperwork.

If you decide to sell, NextWorth will pay you by check, Paypal, or gift card to Target or Amazon. And if NextWorth says your tech isn't worth anything, you can choose to be responsible and ship it to the company for free and it'll dispose or recycle the device properly. But if you reach that point, you may want to give your local Freecycle group a shot.