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Newsweek's Kids' Software Buying Tips

Those planning to buy children's multimedia software this holiday season can take advantage of the Newsweek Parent's Guide to Children's Software released today.

The guide is a combination book and CD-ROM created by the editors of Newsweek magazine. The guide rates more than 250 children's multimedia products along with other kids' software.

The guide counsels parents to be wary of steeply discounted titles, packaging imprinted with extravagant promises, and multidisk bundles. Newsweek says titles are often bundled because they failed to sell individually.

The Newsweek Parent's Guide to Children's Software has a list price of less than $30 and is available at software retailers.

A number of resources are available online for those in the market for children's software. Recommendations are available at Kids' Web and CyberKids, an online magazine that features child-authored software reviews in each issue. The Toys "R" Us Web site has an online catalog of children's software titles with product descriptions, pictures, and pricing information.