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New Year's resolutions for a more user-friendly life

It's easy to focus on what went wrong in 2015. We prefer to look to the future. Inspired by folk legend Woody Guthrie's "New Years Rulin's," we offer up simple suggestions for a fun, successful 2016.

For New Year's Day 1943, folk singer and songwriter Woody Guthrie set down 33 ideas for better living in a now-famous journal entry called "New Years Rulin's."

Guthrie focused his resolutions on improving his mind (No. 13. "Read Lots Good Books") and his hygiene (No. 11. "Change socks"), working smarter (No. 2. "Work by a Schedule") and taking time to enjoy life, family and friends (No. 20. "Dream Good").

Times change, but making lists of New Year's resolutions hasn't. For these digital times, the CNET team got together to dream up our own "Rulin's" for 2016. Enjoy, and feel free to share a few suggestions of your own. Happy New Year!

Kelly Nelson/CNET