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New video compares leaked iPhone plastic case to previous models

The plastic-based iPhone is expected to be a lower-priced option for customers who want a new handset without having to pay for a full-fledged iPhone.

A new video has hit YouTube claiming to show off the long-rumored plastic iPhone case.

A YouTube user going by the name "DetroitBORG" got his hands on a plastic iPhone case that appears to be the same chassis pictured in countless photos around the Web. The plastic iPhone case is rumored to be part of Apple's next-generation, low-cost iPhone that will complement the company's upcoming iPhone 5S.

The plastic casing in the video appears to be an entirely new iPhone. As DetroitBORG points out, the casing appears to be big enough to sport a 4-inch display, and is about as narrow as the iPhone 5. However, the plastic on the back is similar to that found in the iPhone 3GS.

In addition to its design, the casing includes a lens and flash on the back, the standard Apple logo, and the company's Lightning connector. The headphone jack sits next to the Lightning port on the bottom of the casing. One interesting note: the "iPhone" branding on the casing appears to be slightly thinner than what Apple has placed onto older devices.

Speculation abounds that Apple will launch a new, plastic iPhone to appeal to customers on a budget either sometime this year or next year. But as always, Apple has remained tight-lipped on any potential plans.

iPhone backs
The video by DetroitBORG shows off the purported plastic iPhone back (left) with that of an existing metallic iPhone. DetroitBORG/Screenshot by CNET