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New Rhapsody playing out of tune?

A few days of experimenting, RealNetworks' new Rhapsody subscription service is leaving me with questions. I've been an avid user of the software in the past, and welcomed the addition of a whole host of new features. I am not a reviewer, and have a very cranky computer from which no valid conclusions can be drawn, but so far, I'm having problems making it work well.

Nor am I the only person having problems. The company's message boards are dotted with people complaining about issues with the new software, and a few are even asking for the return of the old version until the bugs are fixed. Many of these people say they have been loyal customers until now, which could be a bad sign.

This is a critical launch for RealNetworks, and they need to make sure this software functions as flawlessly as possible. So far, it looks like a very quick update would be wise.