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New LG phones undercover at CES

Undercover LG phones discovered at CES

LG AX565
LG AX565 Nicole Lee/CNET Networks

We spotted these new LG phones at the LG booth at CES, and so did the folks over at PhoneScoop. The LG AX565 clearly had Alltel branding and looks like a reworking of the LG Muziq but with the touch-sensitive music controls in an inset square instead. It has a 1.3-megapixel camera, an FM transmitter, stereo Bluetooth, and a microSD card slot.

LG Vu?
LG Vu? Nicole Lee/CNET Networks

Next, there's the LG Vu, which looks a whole lot like the Prada. We couldn't even get close enough to take a picture of it. It looks to be a GSM phone, so we're thinking it'll go to AT&T. Not much more information other than that, but we'll get back to you once we find out more.