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New 'iZombie' trailer explains the undead's need to eat brains

The CW has released a few new trailers for "iZombie" that give a clearer look at how the main character absorbs people's memories by eating their brains. The series debuts March 17.

We all know zombies love to eat brains, but what about a zombie who eats brains to help solve crimes? That's the premise behind "iZombie," a new TV series from "Veronica Mars" creator Rob Thomas set to debut on The CW later this month.

The CW has released two new trailers that tout the show's novel concept, and tell viewers how the main character, Liv, gets flashes of memories from dead people when she eats their brains. The series revolves around how Liv, an undead zombie who holds down a job in the morgue, uses her "gift" to help a medical examiner and a police detective solve crimes.

As previous teasers have revealed, Liv is a former medical student who attended the wrong party in college, and ended up being turned into a zombie. In the world of "iZombie," zombies must eat brains to maintain their intelligence, memories and human-like demeanor, or they'll revert into the slow-moving, dumb-as-doornails zombies we see in movies and TV shows like "The Walking Dead." So, Liv picks up a job at the morgue with its seemingly endless supply of cranial treats.

It's a unique concept for a zombie show, and I for one am excited to check it out. "iZombie" debuts on The CW on March 17, so grab some green beer and sit down on your couch to see for yourself if this show has any braaaaaains.