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New in post-postmodern art: iPods that a'splode

Well, not really, but it still looks kind of cool.


If you're in or around the New York City area, this could be something cool to check out. A Brooklyn artist who goes by the name of [dNASAb] (complete with brackets) has a new exhibit up at the Vertexlist gallery in Williamsburg in which he displays iPods in various states of destruction, surrounded by wires and cables and odd translucent arrows. On the iconic little Apple devices' video screens, the artist has selected video files that, according to Gridskipper, are "somehow relevant to their discombobulated state." The exhibit's up through April 22nd.

If you want to check out some cool wacky tech art in Manhattan, too, there are still two weeks left in the "Open City" street-art exhibit at the Eyebeam Art & Technology Center in Chelsea. They even have a real live Mooninite on display!

(Via Gridskipper)