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Tech Industry

New images of Steve Jobs during Apple founder's early years

Previously unseen photographs of the legendary tech leader were kept under wraps after Steve Jobs had change of heart.

A young Steve Jobs Getty Images/Stanford University Libraries/Wired

Starting in 1986, photojournalist Doug Menuez began taking photos of Steve Jobs, then in exile from Apple and working at his next startup, NeXt. Jobs was just one of the execs Menuez followed around as part of a 15-year chronicle of Silicon Valley during a formative era in its history. But the pictures never saw the light of day after Jobs had a change of heart.

Until now. The photos went up on display as part of the "Moscow Photobiennale: 'Fearless genius' inaugural exhibition."

"The Russians have a long tradition of scientific and engineering excellence and seemed to really appreciate my project on Steve Jobs and Silicon Valley in the Digital Revolution," according to a note Menuez posted on his website.

It also turns out that Jobs was prescient.

Life magazine had planned to publish Menuez's work, but Jobs refused permission. 'Don't worry about it," Menuez recounted to Wired. "You're going to have fun with these pictures some day.'"

(You can view the images at Wired.)