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New Game of Thrones teaser hints at major death and loss at Winterfell

Plus, a new poster lays out the frozen bodies of the show's major characters, because HBO is creepy like that.

Winter has fallen at Winterfell, and it may not be the only thing that's fallen. In a new Game of Thrones teaser released Tuesday, a quiet camera pans over a snow-covered, deserted castle and courtyard. Looks like the much-discussed Battle of Winterfell, which is expected to happen in the HBO show's upcoming final season, has come and gone. But who didn't survive?

Clues abound. Is that Jaime Lannister's golden hand, abandoned in the snow? Is that Jon Snow's sword, Longclaw? And is that Arya's Needle, Bran's wheeled cart, and Daenerys' three-headed-dragon chain? Where'd everybody go? Did the White Walkers cast their creepy eternal winter over Westeros? 

Turns out that the people of Game of Thrones may not be in the teaser, but instead are in an eerie poster showing what appear to be frozen bodies of the main characters laid out in the shape of the Iron Throne.

We'll find out more April 14 when Game of Thrones returns to HBO -- or when a star of the show drops a spoiler.