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New details on 'Metal Gear Solid 4' for iPhone

Konami has updated its Web site for "Metal Gear Solid 4 Touch," the iPhone version of the hugely popular "MGS" series.


If you haven't checked out Konami's Web site for "Metal Gear Solid 4 Touch," the iPhone version of the popular "MGS" series, we recommend taking a look--even if you don't have an iPhone or iPod Touch. Both site and game look pretty sweet, and Konami's posted new details with some Flash animation showing off the sniping and shooting controls. We also like the whole concept of cursor as giant finger.

The game is apparently sort of a rail-based shooter, and you use your finger to aim and tap the screen to shoot. To zoom in and enter snipe mode, you pinch out (spread your fingers); to zoom out, you pinch in.

Konami is planning to release a special advance release edition that gives you early access to the first half of the "Metal Gear Solid 4" story before the final release. Your saved progress from the advance release automatically carries over when you download the final release.

Another tidbit: according Konami, as you clear stages, you'll collect "Drebin Points" that you can redeem for "more than 40 unique wallpapers."

No word on exactly when the advance release version of "MGS4 Touch" will touch down but we expect it will be in the next month to six weeks (if not slightly sooner) since Konami lists the release date for the game as spring 2009.

Anybody looking forward to downloading this one?

(Via Kotaku)