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New Call of Duty ad will star Megan Fox

In a first for the franchise, a female celebrity takes on the lead role in a new ad for Call of Duty: Ghosts. It's gaming emancipation.

Actress Megan Fox
Actress Megan Fox is ready to fight. Kevin Winter/Getty Images

If it's good enough for great actors like Robert Downey Jr., Sam Worthington, and, um, Kobe Bryant, then it has to be good enough for perhaps America's greatest female actress.

Sadly, Meryl Streep appears not to have been chosen to be the first ever female star of a Call Of Duty ad.

So into the breach to prove that "there's a soldier in all of us," just as there is inside of Jimmy Kimmel, comes Megan Fox.

As Adweek reports, Michael Bay's favorite actress is appearing in the new Call Of Duty:Ghosts ad that will project itself onto your screens November 2.

The ad features a lot of destruction and Frank Sinatra from the grave.

While he sings the eerily prophetic "I'm Going To Live Till I Die," the great city of Las Vegas gets progressively destroyed. I find this prospect disturbing, as Vegas is so often the lifeblood of America.

Meanwhile Fox, the Dominique to the franchise's Ayn Randian call to self-actualization, shoots flying robots and generally lords it over the screen as she usually does.

I am sorry I can't show you the ad, as it's not going live until "Saturday Night Live."

Please be aware and prepared that, though she is billed as the first female star of a Call Of Duty ad, she will only be on screen for 10 seconds.

I wonder how much destruction she can cause in that time.