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Netscape updates portal, software

The firm is pushing forward full force, announcing an updated Communicator suite and rolling out a beta upgrade of its Netcenter portal.

Netscape Communications is pushing forward full force this week, announcing an updated version of its Communicator software suite and rolling out a beta upgrade of its Netcenter portal site. Meanwhile, software licensing deals are inching up the firm's bottom line.

Netscape updates Communicator
update Netscape Communications announces the latest version of its Communicator Internet software, which includes "smart browsing" technology and other features.

Netscape rolls out portal beta
The firm is inviting the public to tour its Netcenter construction zone with the launch of the Netcenter 2.0 beta.

Netscape to support Web ratings
news analysis The move to support Web site rating systems in Netscape Communications' Communicator 4.5 is likely to bolster the use of these online content controls.

Netscape's deal dependency
The company's dealmaking ability is being put to the test, with or without help from the legal woes of rival Microsoft.