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Netscape, @Home up partnership

The companies expand their relationship to include e-commerce solutions for business customers on the heels of an @Home deal with Microsoft.

"Take that, Microsoft."

Netscape (NSCP) said today it expanded its relationship with the @Home Network to include e-commerce solutions for business customers. The announcement comes less than two weeks after Microsoft said it teamed up with @Home to provide a customized browser, cutting into Netscape's territory. Until then, only a Netscape browser was being used with @Home.

Today's deal calls for @Home to use Netscape's CommerceXpert Net commerce software for @Work, the high-speed Internet access service geared toward business users.

"Through this expanded agreement, @Work plans to offer robust business-to-business transactions over the Internet," the company said in a statement.

Netscape's relationship with @Home dates back two years. Netscape's chief executive Jim Barksdale sits on @Home's board, and both companies are backed by venture capitalist Kleiner, Perkins, Caufield & Byers.

@Home also uses Netscape's SuiteSpot server software as well as Communicator as the default browser and email client software for subscribers.

The Microsoft deal calls for both companies to integrate Windows NT into the @Home broadband network.