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Nets meets demand for repairs

Nets Incorporated makes a deal with PSDI to implement its new focus on selling maintenance supplies.

Moving to implement its new focus on selling supplies to repair and maintain factory equipment, Nets Incorporated today announced an agreement with maintenance software vendor PSDI (PSDI).

Under the agreement, 35,000 users of PSDI's Maximo software will get immediate access to Industry.Net, Nets' online mall for manufacturing industry suppliers.

The ultimate goal is to link Maximo users to Industry.Net so they can order directly from suppliers, reducing costs for both buyers and sellers. Eventually, the companies want to automate purchases of regularly used items so that they can be instantly reordered when a user's supply dips below a given level.

Nets Incorporated, run by former Lotus Development CEO Jim Manzi, is a business-to-business electronic commerce firm. Last month, the company refocused its Industry.Net Web site to emphasize the $300 billion-plus market for system maintenance, repair, and operations, which touches virtually any manufacturer of any product.

PSDI and Nets Incorporated will jointly develop, market, and sell an Internet-based system for buying and selling maintenance, repair, and operations supplies such as bearings, pumps, motors, and gaskets.

More than 4,000 organizations worldwide use Maximo software to track maintenance of their manufacturing equipment. Those users will get immediate access to Industry.Net's content, including information specifically for that sector. By year's end, PSDI and Nets Incorporated expect to have their systems integrated so that Maximo users can seamlessly handle orders through Industry.Net.

"By teaming with Nets, PSDI is delivering on its plan to bring industrial suppliers to the desktops of Maximo users," said Chip Drapeau, PSDI's executive vice president of worldwide sales and marketing. "By working with Nets, we will help our customers improve the efficiency of trading with their current suppliers and maintain flexibility and freedom of choice in trading partners."

PSDI and Nets Incorporated aim to eliminate the time-consuming phone calls, quote preparation, data entry, and ancillary paperwork associated with routine spare parts and supplies purchasing.