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Netflix gives 'Stranger Things 2' the after-show treatment

"Beyond Stranger Things" will help satisfy your cravings for behind-the-scenes content once you finish binging "Stranger Things" season 2.


Netflix's newest original ventures into unfamiliar territory for the streaming giant.

"Beyond Stranger Things" marks the first Netflix after-show. As first reported by The Hollywood Reporter, "Beyond Stranger Things" will debut the same day as season 2 of Netflix's hit show "Stranger Things" -- October 27. Unlike most after-shows, you're not supposed to watch "Beyond Stranger Things" after every episode as it has spoilers for the whole season mixed throughout. Instead, "Beyond Stranger Things" is meant to fill your craving for more after you finish Stranger Things 2.

Hosted by "super fan" Jim Rash -- an actor, writer and producer you might recognize as Dean Craig Pelton from the TV show "Community" -- "Beyond Stranger Things" will feature behind-the-scenes content and appearances from the show's creators and actors. Notably, star Winona Ryder is missing from Hollywood Reporter's list of actors who will make an appearance.

"Beyond Stranger Things" is produced by the team behind the successful "Talking Dead" -- the after-show for AMC's "Walking Dead." It'll feature graphics and music made by fans and include analysis of "Stranger Things" second season along with answers to "burning questions."

Netflix confirmed the show's details to CNET via email, and emphasized that you should not watch the after-show before finishing the entire new season of "Stranger Things." Check out the clip below for a taste of "Beyond Stranger Things."