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Net-It follows Web document trend

Net-It Software will announce new server-based software next week that takes existing stored documents and makes them available for viewing through any standard Web browser.

Net-It Software next week will announce Net-It Central, a new software application that will allow users to link and share documents using the Web.

Net-It Central is a new server-based software program that takes existing stored documents and deposits them in a container. Those documents are then organized and made available for viewing through any standard Web browser. Many collaborative tools are using Net gimmicks like this to attract new customers.

The new tool follows Net-It's focus on a desktop version of the technology called Net-It Now. Both products include a Web-enabling software engine called jDoc.

With Net-It Central, documents can be organized according to department or project, for example, making the functionality particularly useful for intranet environments. The software also updates the back-end document repository once it is changed.

The product is available in three versions with varying levels of features, with prices starting at $1,995 per server.

Traditional groupware products, such as Lotus Development's Domino server, are also being integrated with document management features.

Earlier this month, Lotus announced Domino.Doc, a document management application that rides atop Domino and works with documents created using popular personal productivity suites such as Lotus SmartSuite, Microsoft Office, and Corel WordPerfect.

The documents stored on the Domino.Doc Web server can be accessed through a personal productivity application, a Web browser, or a Lotus Notes client. Domino.Doc costs $4,275 in addition to an existing Domino server installation.

Other software makers are bundling specialized document management tools with their server software. Netscape Communications said last week it will begin bundling Documentum's RiteSite document management server with its Enterprise Server 3.0.

Novell is beta testing a document management tool, code-named the Jefferson Project, as an add-on to its GroupWise groupware. The software is due this summer as part of GroupWise 5.2.