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Neo Geo Mini is a tiny arcade machine with 40 games

An arcade machine that fits in your hands. What a time to be alive.


Nintendo has had plenty of success with NES and SNES Classic consoles, and now SNK is getting in on the fun. The Japanese gaming company on Wednesday announced the Neo Geo Mini, its very own retro gaming console.

Like the Classics before it, the Neo Geo Mini comes with dozens of games preloaded -- 40 of them in this case. What all of those will be have yet to be announced. Based on the promotional material, though, games like Metal Slug, Samurai Showdown and King of Fighters, a franchise that still rocks on today, will be included.

Unlike Nintendo's retro consoles, though, the Neo Geo Mini comes with an in-built screen (3.5 inches), looking exactly like a miniature version of an arcade unit. It's designed to be played in your hands, but can also be hooked up to a TV or monitor via HDMI cable.

The Asia region will get its own white, red and blue model, while the US, Europe, Canada, South America and "other regions" will get a blue, black and white variant (pictured above).