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NCD unveils thin-client PC software

Away with clunky PC apps. Users of NCD's PC-Xware 5.0 server software access applications through a Web browser.

Network Computing Devices (NCDI) today announced a new version of its PC-X server software for Windows 95 and Windows NT-based PCs.

Instead of having numerous applications reside on desktop PCs, users of NCD's PC-Xware 5.0 access applications through a Windows-like Web browser interface, including Unix applications residing on a mainframe or central computer.

NCD says using a thin client model for PCs, where applications are stored on a central computer, helps reduce management costs.

New features of PC-Xware 5.0 include the Connection Wizard, which allows users to connect to the network much as Windows 95 and Windows NT do. Previously, users had to understand Unix commands to establish network connections.

The new version also can receive Windows applications over corporate intranets faster and more efficiently when using NCD's WinCenter, compared to the previous version.

Pricing for PC-Xware 5.0 is the same as the previous version, with the PC-Xware package priced at $395 per unit, $325 for the Marathon product which provides terminal emulation software and other utilities, or $545 for both.