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Adam Savage cosplays as Chewbacca with C-3PO in tow

Watch the former "MythBusters" co-host secretly invade Silicon Valley Comic Con while dressed as the famous Star Wars Wookiee.

"MythBusters" fans curious about what former host Adam Savage is doing now will be happy to learn he still enjoys sneaking around conventions incognito in cosplay outfits.

In a video posted on the Tested site Tuesday, Savage is seen wearing an impressive Chewbacca costume with a very familiar nagging protocol droid on his back.

"This upgraded Chewie is a bit different than the Wookiee costume he wore a few years back, with a new bandolier, bowcaster, and mask," the Tested blog posted. "Plus, Adam rigs up an animatronic C-3PO to wear on his back, complete with custom dialogue."

The video shows Savage as Chewbacca walking around last weekend's Silicon Valley Comic Con as bystanders stand by snapping photos and appearing awestruck by his elaborate getup.

Over the years, Savage has shown he love to cosplay. We've seen him dressed as Totoro, a Ghostbuster, an Alien spacesuit, and even a realistic bear, just to name a few.