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MySpace banning Revver?

Last year, News Corp's purchase of social networking site MySpace raised the ire of the blogosphere by blocking all references on its site to online video aggregator YouTube.

The blogosphere squawked. And last month, MySpace seemed to capitulate. Or at least they reinstated YouTube on the site.

But now MySpace seems to be up to its old tricks, having banned all mentions of the video sharing service, Revver.

According to Revver co-founder Oliver Luckett, references to his service were banned because MySpace saw it as competition.

MySpace could not immediately be reached for comment.

In any case, there's no doubt that the blogosphere and a service's members can have an effect when it comes to situations like this, as seemed to be proven with the YouTube drama.

Whether MySpace will reverse course with Revver remains to be seen, but as a service whose real value comes from its members, it's hard to justify--at least on moral grounds--banning references to anything that's not outright obscene.