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Murdoch: iPod video is "small time," DirecTV to get broadband

In an interview with Newsweek, News Corp honcho Rupert Murdoch said he'll announce a $1 billion plan later this month for adding broadband satellite Internet access to his DirecTV service.

Along with that service, his MySpace investment, and other Net sites, he expects to have a "conservative" $1 billion in Internet revenues by 2010, he told the magazine.

His Fox network will be distributing shows online, but for now he says he's not impressed with Apple Computer's iTunes video store.

"How many people really want to get video on a tiny screen when they already have TiVo or a similar service from their cable company or DirecTV?" Murdoch said in the Newsweek interview. "What's been announced so far with iPod and Disney and NBC is very small-time at the moment."