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Muppets skewer Web commenters during Golden Globes

The misspellings, the illogic, the ignrence (sic) oh, they're all there in the "Muppets Most Wanted" trailer.

Familiar? MuppetsStudio/YouTube screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

All those who leave comments on the Web should be thanked.

They are its lifeblood, its engine, its every-other-metaphor-that-makes-them-sound-wonderful.

On occasion, though, one or two might offer a touch of untoward loathing. Then there is the occasional gratuitous assault on the English language. Or, indeed, baby language. There's also the racist invective and, well, the ignrence (sic).

The people behind the new Muppets movie decided to, well, honor all these people during the Golden Globes.

For there appeared an ad that seemed to reflect a certain dark and dirty town square of the Internet.

Announcing the latest Muppets movie, which is called "Muppets Rip Web Commenters Apart Like The Crappy Little Frogs Legs They Are" (I might not be accurate there), the trailer offers a wry view of how this movie might be received.

Or, indeed, might already have been received by those who probably didn't see it.

Should you have ever commented on an Internet post, or even read one, you might be familiar not merely with some of this content, but also with the story arc of the conversation.

You might even have been tempted yourself to contribute to said conversation.

Of course, this ad is also a beautifully severe critique of all the quotes that Hollywood studios purloin, edit and breathlessly pump out in order to pretend that their entirely mediocre movie is not merely brilliant, but the heralding of an entirely new genre.

So I can only hope this movie is even a quarter as funny as this entirely joyous trailer.